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Decks & Pavers

Brief Description

Client:   Jason Stephens Deck
Location:   Shorewood WI
Surface Area:   200sq ft
Year Completed:   2010
Architect:   Christian Pressley (non-licensed)

The aging concrete deck was demolished and replaced with a cedar deck. This contract was as much a design & build job as much as it was a deck design and build. The home had to have structural designing due to the concrete deck having had a cellar underneath it connected to the home. The foundation had to be redesigned in the front and a new roof designed for over the deck.

  • :: Design
  • :: Blueprints
  • :: Permits
  • :: Demolition
  • :: Masonry
  • :: Framing
  • :: Cedar Decking
  • :: Roofing
  • :: Staining
  • :: Gutters
  • :: Stamped Concrete

Scope of Work

This Shorewood home had a concrete deck that was in poor condition, leaking into the basement and causing a hazard. CD Pressley worked with the customer to come up with a design that complimented the home and the neighborhood.

Upon Christian Pressley completing the plans, permits were acquired and work began removing the massive amount of cement. A few weeks later the owner was enjoying the new cedar deck!

Brief Description

Client:   Pavers
Location:   Milwaukee WI
Surface Area:   200sq ft
Year Completed:   2010
Architect:   n/a

This home owner wanted a back yard retreat. CD Pressley provided the installation of two paver patio pads.

  • :: Design
  • :: Paver install