Residential Consultation


Consultation Overview

Home Inspection is a licensed trade in this state. CD Pressley does not have any such license. That being said, what we do offer is a estimate as a contractor on the home in question detailing all items that we spot that are problems that could be fixed. It is an estimate by a contractor seeking to inform their client what contracts can be offered as well as provide a detailed list of items that could potentially be issues in the near future.

Some Home Inspectors are better than others, yet the laws prevent them from digging deep into the bones of a home. Then there are many that are clueless, not having much of the basic construction knowledge needed to even spot siding that is rotting from underneath, or flooring that has mold growing under it. The horror stories are endless and most would have been foreseeable by a highly skilled contractor that has a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise coupled with a proven track record of fixing those issues.

The way this works is you hire C.D. Pressley to perform a complete home estimate on all building systems that C.D. Pressley can determine are in need of repair or replacement. I do not provide a home “inspection” as that is legal terminology that the politicians have monopolized with the Home Inspectors. Contractors have legal standing to give a customer a bid on items they find are faulty. Home Inspectors have legal standing to give a potential home buyer a “home inspection” to be used in real estate negotiations.

What’s the difference? Labelling mostly due to government control of the industry, however home inspections will not be as thorough. We can look for issues in ways that home inspectors will not. We on a daily basis fix the issues that Home Inspectors are supposed to discover. Very simple principle is that if you aren’t the person that is familiar with fixing the issues homes have, then how can you be the one that discovers them? That is the fundamental crux of the Home Inspection laws and the monopolized system the government has created.

One of the biggest issues with Home Inspections is situations where work done on a home meets code but is sloppy in technique which is an indication that there are other issues not visible. A home inspector will not inform you if the electrical work and plumbing work that was done during a remodel on the home is sloppy if it meets code. He will simply tell you it is in order.

C.D. Pressley over the years has time and time again seen poor workmanship that is visible lead to workmanship hiding in the walls that is faulty and incorrect to the point of endangering the lives of the household. Bad contractors know how to meet the minimums on the surface while leaving the home owners high and dry on the rest that can’t be seen. The work that is visible is the first clue to how well things are beneath the drywall. If an electrician didn’t take the time to sort his wires neatly in the main circuit breaker and used multiple different brands of materials as if he was grabbing what scraps he had left over, then its highly likely he cut even more corners in areas you can’t see. If a faucet and sink is replaced with the plumbing looking like a child installed it, but it does work, do you want to have a report that says it’s in order, or do you want to know that it potentially won’t last that long because a novice obviously installed it? If the tile floor has hair line cracks in it that are 3 feet by 5 (the size of the tile backer) the Home Inspector will say nothing, while I will notify you that you might have a tile floor that will need to be replaced due to improper installation methods or that there might be insufficient framing that is causing too much deflection.

I’ve seen homes that after customers purchased them and winter rolled around, they were paying 700.00 a month to heat an 1100 sq ft home! All that the inspector needed to do was look at the ductwork and check that there was sufficient return vs supply. This home had only one 6 inch return that was going thru a wall that was stuffed with insulation! Did the “Inspector” find this? NO! And he used as an excuse that its not his job to turn on the furnace and check for air flow in all the vents and returns. A 6 inch return is good for 150 sq ft at most. If its clogged with insulation its good for nothing! This home was circulating air only thru the leaks in the 6 inch return duct leading up to the wall as it had no way to draw in air thru the wall, and it also got some air thru the fresh air supply from outside which is a 2” pipe used to bring in fresh air from outside that by the way is cold.

Roof issues are a huge problem with older homes that have been repaired and re-roofed. So often roofers mess up installing metal valleys when they terminate into gutters. If the ice and water does not wrap over the fascia and the valley does not go over the gutter apron into the gutter, then regardless if there is rot visible now, there is going to be significant rot in the near future. Are the roof penetrations properly installed or are there nails visible everywhere? Does the chimney have a cricket diverter and does the flashing have nails going through the top of the roof?

One issue leaves clues to other potential problems. A discoloration on a wall in the basement could be caused by a leak on the roof three stories above! A sagging soffit could be indication that there is a leak in the roof or that someone improperly nailed the soffit, in which case how many other locations are improperly nailed? C.D. Pressley discovered on the Kane Place Lofts in the East Side of Milwaukee a significant amount of mold on three floors causing significant damage to the structure and causing three condo owners to have to change their schedules and live out of their bedrooms so work could be done. That all stemmed from a carpenter that did not properly install the Tyvek and a siding contractor that did not nail the cement board siding properly into the studs of the walls. The entire building had siding falling off of it! The poorly nailed siding was indication of poorly installed doors and windows! Windows and doors were leaking! An “Inspector” would have said that a door or window needed to be caulked and that a board or two of siding needed to be nailed on. Totally different than the truth as once siding was removed it was discovered that the Tyvek was improperly installed as well!

Currently if a Home Inspector finds an issue, then often a trade specific contractor is called that then gives a bid on that one specific issue so that the costs can be used in negotiations. This is an insufficient method. The people that fix the issues on a daily basis are the ones that should be looking for the issues in the first place.

Understanding the motivations at play is key. C.D. Pressley’s interests are in line with yours. We want to gain contracts. That means there has to be something broke to fix! The motivation of us wanting to find something to fix is in line with your motivation to want to know if there is anything to fix! Are the motivations of the Agents and the Inspectors fully in line with ours?

We will provide an ESTIMATE on the following potential issues:


  • Determine if the furnace has sufficient sizing with the home and make sure it is working, check for ducts that are too small and clogged with dust. If it is an antiquated system of ducting, we will explain to you how that affects efficiency and what could be potential fixes to lower your bills.

  • Determine if your water well (if you have one) is properly working and determine if it needs any repairs.
  • Determine if each faucet works properly, has no leaks and that the plumbing under the sink is installed correctly.
  • Determine if the sump pump (if you have one) is working properly and is sized correctly for the home.

  • Determine if your main circuit breaker has any faulty wires as well as look for poor workmanship of previous remodelers. We actually open it up and determine if wires are properly sized for each breaker and check to see if you have circuits that are over loaded.
  • Open up one switch and one outlet per room and check for illegal wiring.
  • Determine if every outlet in the home has proper ground which can determine if poor or even illegal work was previously done.

  • Determine if there are any issues with the drywall that could indicate improper taping or mudding techniques that would potentially lead to significant repairs.

  • Determine if any foundation repair is necessary and give you an understanding of the chance that particular home has for future issues.
  • Determine the likely hood of substandard framing

  • We will walk the roof and inspect the methods of installation to determine if the roof will hold up to the standards that C.D. Pressley employs.

  • Determine the attic insulation R value and let you know if it is a potential issue for poor efficiency.

  • Determine if any improper installation techniques were employed that could indicate future issues
  • Determine if the siding is failing in any locations

    While I am not providing you a price for a “Home Inspection” as that would be illegal, C.D. Pressley will however provide an estimate for all necessary or potentially necessary work for a set fee. This is basically the opposite of free estimates. “Estimates” for homes start at 225.00 and the price is based on 75.00 an hour including a one-hour trip fee with a two-hour minimum.


    We will provide you with a disk that has pictures and or videos of the issues and detailed bids with explanations of what methods will be employed to fix the problems. For areas that C.D. Pressley knows by experience that in the future there will be problems such as mold and rot, but there currently is none visible, pictures of other homes that shows the effects of the improper installation methods will be provided if available. The explanation of issues discovered will be accompanied by an estimate for repairing those issues.


  • THIS IS NOT A HOME INSPECTION. C.D. Pressley is not providing you with a report that is intended to be used as negotiations in a real estate transaction. This is an ESTIMATE for construction services. That being said, you have paid for an estimate so it’s your property to do with as you choose.
  • THIS IS NOT A GURANTEE OF ACCURACY. C.D. Pressley is not liable if there are problems discovered that we did not provide an estimate for or if the problems we provide an estimate for are more serious than expected. C.D. Pressley is not liable if it is determined by third parties that the estimate of C.D. Pressley is regarding work that that third party does not believe needs to be performed.