Lawn and snow care

Service Overview

CD Pressley provides lawn and snow services for areas within Grafton and Shorewood along the I-43 corridor.

We provide one trip service or low monthly package deals. Our basic monthly service starts at 80.00 a month and provides basic mowing, edging and up to three trips per month of snow service (salt extra).

One trip service

If you need one time service for either lawn or snow we can tailor the trip to meet your needs.

Lawn Care

We can provide basic mulch mowing or full service bag mowing and edging.

Snow Service

We can provide snow services for residential and small business that can be with or without ice melters.

foilage trimming

We can maintain the manicured look you want with your trees and bushes.

Planting and soils/mulch

We can plant a wide array of plants and provide soils and mulch.